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The Electronic School

"Equity and Excellence for Everyone"

E-School provides a "world class education for all learners." School is any place, anytime and for everyone. This new concept of schooling that is accessed over the Internet offers creative and unique opportunities to change the face of public education for students and teachers by incorporating new instructional strategies for disseminating information and promoting interactive environments to enhance learning.

E-School's standards-based programs will:

  • Identify content and technology standards for student programs and staff development standards for teacher programs
  • Develop performance standards
  • Utilize multiple assessment strategies, including rubrics
  • Apply intervention strategies based on assessment

E-School, a USDOE Technology Innovation Challenge Grant, offers high school credit courses through the use of multimedia technologies and the Internet. Twenty of the thirty-two virtual courses that have been developed will be offered in the fall of 2000.


E-School Course Proposal Form
Staff Development 2000-2001 Site
Register to take an E-School Staff Development Webcourse

The Magnet E-Academy, a USDOE Technology Innovation Grant, specializing in courses in math, science, engineering and technology, combines the best practices of onsite and online learning. More than 20 schools statewide are offering E-Academy courses starting this fall.

The Technology and Telecommunications for Teachers Program prepares teacher leaders who will infuse appropriate technology into instruction to enhance student learning. The program is designed to model best practices in the integration of technology to support student learning. The participants develop an extensive web-based portfolio for implementation at their schools.

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