Saving Inspiration / Kidspiration files as Images

With both Inspiration and Kidspiration you can save the graphic organizer that you've created as an image to be used in other applications. See details below for how this is done:

Step 1: Exporting your image

When you're ready to save your Inspiration design as a graphic you will need to Export the image.

Go to the File menu and choose Export.


Figure 1.0 - Inspiration (OSX)


Figure 1.1 - Kidspiration

Step 2: Choose format

You'll need to decide on the format that you'll use for exporting. Think about what you will be doing with this graphic. If you're going to put it on the web, you'll need to choose either a .gif or a .jpg format. If you're going to insert it into a document or into iMovie, you can also choose to export it as a pict.

How to decide between .gif and .jpg

  • Choose .gif if your image is primarily solid color and clip art.
  • Choose .jpg if your image contains photos.

Once you've chosen the format you want, press the Save button.

choose format

Figure 2.0 - Choosing a format - Inspiration (OSX)


choose format

Figure 2.1 - Choosing a format - Kidspiration

Step 3: Choose your location and save your image

Choose the location where you want your image to be saved.

Name your image with the appropriate file extension. (.gif or .jpg)

Save your image.



Figure 3.0 - Saving your image- Inspiration (OSX)


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